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"go to hell" is all i thought for seven weeks_________

but i grew out of that phase looking at these broken photographs of people

the Fall Out Boy Photo Community
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x. Fall Out Boy only. This is a Fall Out Boy picture community. That means, post Fall Out Boy pictures only.

x. LJ-cut. Use LJ-cut if you have more than 1 picture or the picture you are posting is extremely large. The code for LJ-cut is: It's as simple as that. Use it. If you don't, it slows down some computers and messes up their friends page.

x. No direct linking. Don't direct link pictures from other sites, upload them to your own server. It drains bandwidth and pisses off webmasters. If I see somebody doing this I'll delete the entry. If you need me to upload your picture for you, email it to me with "Fall Out Boy" as the subject so I don't delete the email.

x. Include a picture with every post. If there is no picture, I'll delete the entry.